1. Three years after founding of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in 1994, the first ARF Meeting of the Heads of Defense Universities / Colleges / Institutions (ARF HDUCIM) was held in Manila, Philippines on October 7th and 8th, 1997. Subsequently 9 more meetings were held consecutively at the following places : Republic of Korea (2nd – 1998), Mongolia (3rd – 1999), China (4th – 2000), Japan (5th – 2001), Russia (6th – 2002), India (7th – 2003), Singapore (8th – 2004), Vietnam (9th – 2005) and Malaysia (10th – 2006). After these meetings it was decided that a documented terms of reference was necessary for the smooth and proper conduct of such meetings.
2. HDUCIM is Track One activity under the ambit of ARF. This meeting provides the opportunity for senior leadership of defense universities, colleges and institutions from the ARF participating countries to discuss regional security issues and ways to conduct research and educational exchanges and contribute to the promotion of trust within the region.
3. This meeting affirms the importance of cooperation in security studies and research in enhancing confidence building in the region and recognize the meeting as an opportunity for the heads of defense universities, colleges and similar institutions to build networking. Additionally, they increase awareness and recognition of the vital role of defense educational institutions in the ARF.


4. The main objective of the meeting in the context of all levels of discussion within the ARF is to exchange information on the academic orientations of the respective defense educational institutions so that they may learn from each other and, in turn, improve their own processes. The meeting also allows the members to share their experiences on security education and research as well as other relevant areas of international security in order to enhance mutual understanding and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Academic orientation includes the following :
a. Comparative curricular structures.
b. Sharing of database and other bibliographic references.
c. Student/faculty research exchanges and training programs.
d. Faculty development programs.
e. Exchange of publications.
f. Greater interaction among heads, senior members and students.


5. Participants to this meeting shall be from the following members countries of ARF :
a. Permanent Members. The Heads of Defense Universities, Colleges and / Institutions (HDUCIs) of ARF participating countries are eligible to attend the meeting.
b. Observer Status / Resource Persons. The Heads of other Staff and Command Colleges and related institutions as well as selected experts / academics / practitioners in ARF participating countries may be invited to attend the meeting as observers / resource persons.


6. The host country will submit a report to the Co-chairs of the ISG on CBMs/PD within a month after the meeting, with a copy to the ARF Unit in the ASEAN Secretariat. The Co-chairs of the ISG on CBMs/PD will include in their Chairman’s Report to the ARF Senior Officials Meeting (ARF SOM). The report will contain all the presentations, papers and summaries of discussion during the meeting and will also be distributed to ARF HDUCIs and all ARF participating countries. SCOPE AND PROCEDURE OF ACTIVITIES
7. The annual meeting shall cover three working days, two of which shall be for a meeting and one for visit programme.

8. The meeting of HDUCIs will be held every August, or at the latest, in October. The head of the defense institution of the host country shall be the Chairman of the meeting while his counterpart from the host for the subsequent meeting shall be the Vice-Chairman. The host country will disseminate information about the details of the meeting to the heads of institutions by March. In the event, the host country is unable to organize the said meeting, the next host would take over the agenda and organize the meeting.
9. Broader themes / topics for presentation / discussion shall be decided by the host country upon consultation with participating nations. All the participating heads are free to develop specific topics based on the broader themes / topics agreed upon.
10. The HDUCIM may decide to convene working-level meetings in between annual meetings as necessary.


11. The host country for the meeting must be identified two years in advance. Offers to host the meetings shall be formalized at ISG on CBMs/PD meetings.


12. The host of an HDUCIM shall provide technical and logistical support for the meeting. The ARF Unit of the ASEAN Secretariat may be asked to assist in the activities of HDUCIs in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the ARF Unit. These include assisting the Chair, serving as depository of reports of HDUCIMs and as institutional memory.


13. The ARF participants will bear the travel and accommodation expenses. However, the host country will be responsible for the in-country hospitality.


14. The Terms of Reference will be constantly reviewed and updated.

*Endorsed at the 10thARF HDUCIM In Kuala Lumpur on 7thSeptember 2006

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GPS Coordinates: Latitude, Longitude 3.149698, 101.716964
Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, 5, Jalan Conlay, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450, Malaysia

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